Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Sweater

The post you've all been eagerly awaiting - sweater pictures!! I finished the back panel over the weekend and moved on to the "kangaroo pocket" that will be sewn to the front. I had quite a bit of it done and then realized how screwed up and lopsided it was, so I frogged the whole damn thing and almost cried. I'm not sure what happened, though I suspect it had something to do with the "ssk" because it was my first time trying it.

Also, just an FYI, my cat is an awesome knitter.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Current projects

I never really thought I'd find myself in this position, but I'm currently in the middle of 3 projects!! I started knitting a sweater for Drake, my boyfriend, for the Knitting Olympics. And YES I know about the love sweater myth and NO I don't believe it. :) Anyway, I got the pattern out of the Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine for winter I think. I finished the back of it during the closing ceremonies (ooops). It's turning out really well! I'm using Tahki New Tweed yarn in green (015), which I just found out is being discontinued, so I hope I don't run out! I'll have to take a picture of what I have so far tonight.
I also started a sleeveless top from Stitch & Bitch, but I've only done like 20 rows on that one.
My super pride and joy is the Wild Stripes blanket from Knitty, designed by Kristin Goedert. She's the best!! When I saw the blanket I was blown away - I love using tons of color and love that it's not your typical pink or blue (or even pastel yellow or green) baby blanket. I'm not making it for anyone in particular, and I'll probably like it so much that I'll store it away for the next 10 years before I have a wee babe myself. Here's the progress so far:

P.S. I'm eating Nerds.

Monday, February 27, 2006

My finished projects

I've had so much fun knitting these last couple months! Here are my completed projects:

I got this pattern from Debbie Stoller's Stitch and Bitch Nation...a little cozy for my iPod mini! A friend helped me modify it a little bit so that the button-nose actually closes the top of the iPod cozy. Yes you heard right - I knit a button hole!

The pattern for this bag is from Debbie Stoller's Stitch and Bitch. It knit up really fast and I've gotten requests from some online friends for bags of their own! Needless to say, I agreed to make them. Also needless to say, I haven't started and probably won't until I finish my first sweater (which I'm working on right now).

This cabled hat is from Hats Gloves Scarves by Louisa Harding. The whole book is filled with super cute stuff. This was my first stab at cabling and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

The post to begin all posts!

Welcome, all, to my feeble attempt at a knitting blog! Lurking around cyberspace and peeking in on other knitters' blogs has inspired me to create my own.

A little introduction to me...well, not me in my entirety, but me in relation to knitting. My mother taught me how to knit when I was probably 10 or so. But that lasted all of about a week before I set aside my tiny plastic needles and forgot about it. I picked up some needles again in college and made a scarf for my boyfriend. It was in a basic knit stitch and wasn't too impressive, but I enjoyed doing it and the boy really liked it.

Then in January of this year, a co-worker taught me how to crochet. I started on a scarf, but then started looking at knitting books and patterns and decided to dive headfirst into knitting again (the crocheted scarf still sits on my bookshelf not even half finished). Since January I have completed 4 projects and am in the middle of 3...multi-tasking like a true knitter!! I am LOVING knitting. I'm not sure how it happened...but I just started, and I was GOOD! And I loved doing it! And I love buying way more yarn and patterns and books than I will ever be able to use in the next 6 months!! I think I've found my true craft calling. And I'm really excited about it.